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Sometimes CAH hits too close to home.

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Ok, 5 facts

1. I have driven/ridden cross-country from Georgia to Seattle, WA in three days.

2. I own 3 horses and coincidentally each one is lighter colored but has more white than the one before. And their names are ABC: Ace, Beau, and Cam.

3. I can drive a stick shift and drive pulling a trailer. I also can drive a boat, a tractor, and a front-loader.

4. I won $50 in middle school for having the highest grade on the science portion of the standardized test we had to take because the science teacher that I didn’t have told his class that he would give $50 to whoever got the highest. So even though I didn’t know about it I still beat them and got the money.

5. Although I’m technically already a sophomore in two weeks I will have finished my first full year of dental school!!!

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Oh, the frailty of the male ego.

This guy I went to undergrad with recently moved to my city, and reached out to me. After interacting with him a few times, I was very disinterested and put off by his personality, so friendship was not even an option. I stopped talking to him.

He then decided that since his ability to charm me into doing what he wanted wasn’t working, that I was then a business transaction for which he could barter for, and obviously his mighty dick would be more than sufficient for my troubles.

"How can I say, ‘I want to fuck you on the down low with no strings because I think you’re a loser’ without actually saying it…and then be a raging asshole about it when you won’t give me what I want."

Needless to say I didn’t respond…so he insults my profession (I’m a dental student) and acts like he didn’t want shit to begin with, like a self entitled little piss baby.

Buddy, can’t offer me shit.

Reblogging to spread awareness of the fact that this guy is a steaming pile of human garbage. Sorry you had to deal with that! 


When a patient is complaining of pain, has no obvious caries or swelling, and refuses a couple of diagnostic xrays because “it’s too much radiation.”

My dogs are silly. And they love their snake toy from notanapocalypse!



Tiger and lion dentistry. We did 8 cats in total. 5 tigers 2 lions 1 black leopard. Most were root canals. Some had a few extractions. No complications during anesthesia. One of my tigers was still a little awake when they brought it in and managed to lift his paw to cover his face while we were getting a TPR. Oldest cat was a little over 20 years old.

I got to see a tiger dental last month. Fascinating.

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Starting to set our first anterior denture teeth!



i hate my dentist 

be nice, he has fillings too 

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Ace my OTTB at sunset

just gonna put this here bc I’m pretty proud of this photo :)



speaking of art history

this is Undine by Chauncey Bradley Ives. she’s at the Smithsonian.


and this is her from the back


that is marble, y’all. 


carved so thin you can SEE THE LIGHT THROUGH IT.

i just.


fucking art, y’all.



the realism of thin fabric folding and draping over a freaking perfectly sculpted body is killing me

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